2011   MFA, Photography, Sangmyung University, Seoul, Korea
1992   BA, Korean Literature, Ewha Woman’s University, Seoul, Korea

Solo Exhibitions
2021   Virginia’s Room, Government Complex Seoul Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2020   Virginia’s Room, Seoi Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2017   Against the Eyes, Baedari Gallery, Incheon, Korea
2017   A Room in Absence, B. CUT Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2015   Against the Eyes, B. CUT Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2014   Against the Eyes, Chansgsungdong Laboratory Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2014   Madam C, B. CUT Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2013   Against the Eyes, Cyart Space, Seoul, Korea
2013   I See, Toyota Photo Space, Busan, Korea
2009   Madam C , Kimjinhye Gallery, Seoul, Korea

Group Exhibitions
2022   Going to a Carnival, Art Space Eonju Round, Seoul, Korea
2021   Mapping the Multitude, Museum Centre Ploshchad Mira, Krasnoyarsk, Russia
2021   1M, Platform Pampa, Seoul, Korea
2021   Different Dimension, Novosibirsk State Art Museum, Novosibirsk, Russia
2021   Botanic Society, Curator’s Atelier 49, Seoul, Korea
2019   Spin-off Project, Space 22 Ikseon, Seoul, Korea
2019   The 21th Danwon Art Festival, Danwon Art Museum, Ansan, Korea
2019   B. CUT Table, Platform Pampa, Seoul, Korea
2019   Home & Away, Galerie Huit Arles, Arles, France
2018   A Corner, B. CUT Gallery(Seoul); Platform Pampa(Seoul); Ghost Company Gallery(Seongnam), Korea
2018   The Absence of Time, Seohakdong Gallery, Jeonju, Korea
2018   On Off On, Sohang Gallery, Paju, Korea
2016   The Reflection on Certain Landscape, Seohakdong Gallery, Jeonju, Korea
2016   自畵自讚, B. CUT Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2015   Alohomora, Aparecium!, The Texas Project, Seoul, Korea
2014   Knot Choice, Art Space Knot, Seoul, Korea
2011   Photo Review Exhibition in Seoul Photo Festival 2011, Seoul Museum of Art,  Seoul, Korea
2011   Across the Divide : Critical Mass 2010, PCNW(Seattle); Newspace Center for Photography(Portland); Rayko Photo Center(San Francisco), USA
2011   Art of Attraction , F.L.O.A.T. Gallery, New York, USA
2010   MAYDAY, Detroit Center for Contemporary Photography, Pontiac, USA
2008   International Exhibition of Fine Art Photography, The Center for Fine Art Photography, Fort Collins, USA
2007   It’s different but that’s OK, Now Gallery, Seoul, Korea